HFMC have some upcoming shows during 2018. Check out the Tour page for more information.


HFMC is currently in the studio recording the follow-up to the Live DVD/Album No Place Like Home - The Concert (2017). This time the band has chosen to record at Soundfront Studios (Studio 1 Kjellarn) together with sound engineer Kjell Sandberg. The amount of music recorded so far could easily make a double CD. Still the band has decided to concentrate on making approximately one hour of music ready for release around summertime 2018. Among the songs the band is focusing on is Sleeping With the Ghost, All Those Faces and a 25 minute epic called Parallell Life. According to Hasse, the direction of the music on the still untitled album is: "More technichal but without us losing the heart and soul we put in to our music. I'd say all the elements that's required for the classic HFMC sound are in place but definitely with a new twist. You better learn to expect the unexpected.

YouTube Channel

Check out and subscribe on our YouTube channel (HFMC - Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion). Here we share some exclusive material for you. For example Godsong from a live performance in Paris back in 2015. Filmed and edit by Olivier Dague and the guys at Mad French.

No Place Like Home - The Concert

No Place Like Home contains music from a time span of 20 years. There's music from all three HFMC albums, some Flower Kings classics plus two previously unreleased songs. On the DVD you can also find interviews and behind the scenes material from the tour on the "mandatory" extra section. The package includes 1 DVD, 2 CD:s, a 12-page booklet with liner notes and all possible information on the recorded show at Reginateatern as well as the HFMC tour. Released 1/9 - 2017

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1 *DVD Digipak, 2 audio CD and a 12 page booklet


*Available in PAL or NTSC (region free).

Track List

1. Seconds - Intro 01:53
2. Can't Stop the Clock 07:05
3. Everything Can Change 05:08
4. Godsong 04:53
5. Pages 15:27
6. Valleys and Fields 02:28 (Previously unreleased) 
7. Song for July 04:49
8. Chasing a Dream 07:47 (Previously unreleased)
9. Genius 06:50
10. Something Worth Dying For 05:10
11. In the Warmth of the Evening 10:33
12. Life Will Kill You 04:06
13. Fallen Empire 10:33
14. Venice CA 04:48
15. Stardust We Are 04:25
16. Someone Else's Fault 01:41